Wild Stone Smoke Deodorant Spray – For Men

Quantity: 150ml
Brand: Wild Stone
Ideal For Men

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Product Description

When a Wild Stone man walks into a room, there will be backs straightening up all around, paying keen attention and salute to the aura of confidence and determination. Join the league with the fresh presentation of Wild Stone Forest Spice Deodorant Spray – you will be noticed.
Aromatic Citrus, Spicy, Musky and Woody Notes
The notes of the deodorant bring a wide array of masculine intense fragrances to ensure that you smell best among all the other men in a room and leave senses turning your way for attention. The fragrance blends citrus, spicy, musky and woody notes in perfect harmony to bring to you the unique Forest Spice finish.
Energetic and Irresistibly Masculine
You can smell the Wild Stone signature masculine fragrance with this deodorant anywhere you are, the raw energy of the different notes combine to give you that irresistible swank and highlight your prominent personality.

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