Free Membership

free membership
  • Access all Affiliate products
  •  Only limited affiliate commission back under Rs.10000/-
  •  24/7 hrs support
  • Custom help support
  • No Custom affiliate request.
  • Just at $0/6 months 
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Silver Membership

Silver membership
  • Access All affiliate products
  • Get full affiliate commission back 
  • 24/7 hrs support
  • Custom help supports.
  • Request affiliate link of any product  on Flipkart/Amazon.
  • Just at $12/6month
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 Golden Membership

Gold membership
  • Access All Affiliate products
  • Get full affiliate commission back
  • 24/7 hrs support
  • Custom help support
  • Request affiliate link of any products on Flipkart/Amazon.
  • Get free delivery on mychhotashop.
  •  Just at $20/yr
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Mychhotashop Grand Membership

 What is this?

this is membership offer where you can join our membership and you can get great experience of online shopping on Amazon, Flipkart and Mychhotashop. after joining our membership, you can contact us to ask affiliate link and coupon code which will help you to get great discount and We will refund affiliate commission back to your Paytm/ bank account.

 What is affiliate commission? 

Whenever a company or a person promote the other company’s products or business to public then company/he get some small commission after product sold. Example- If Mychhotashop is promoting Amazon/Flipkart products then Amazon/Flipkart will give some small commission to Mychhotashop and this commission now Mychhotashop will return to member if he bought through Mychhotashop provided link.

Who can join the these memberships?

Anyone who is willing  to join.

what is affiliate link?

Affiliate link is also known as referral link which is provided by affiliates. If customer is buying products by clicking this link then mychhotashop will pay money(affiliate commission) to the customer.

What is the profit of customers?

Simply buying products directly on Amazon/Flipkart better you can buy any product using affiliate link. You will get great cashback which mychhotashop will pay you and other offer also you can get by  using coupon code. Directly you can contact us and ask affiliate link and coupon code.

How can I buy products?

Simply you ask product link to us and we will provide affiliate link of your willing products. Now you can buy the product by clicking this link.

Now everything will be manage by Amazon/Flipkart like- shipping your order, refund, replacement etc

When will I get commission in my account?

You can get commission money only if you are not returning the product to the Amazon/Flipkart.

Average day of payment 10-15 days of your order deliver to you.

What is commission percentage that I will get back?

Product commission  Buying on Amazon  Click Here to see.

Product commission  Buying on Flipkart Click Here to see.